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So many theories. Nick’s dad killed her when he got loose? Nick disassociates when Amy pushes him? Go = fictional & in his mind?! #GoneGirl




i’m 45 minutes into my 3 hour class and i’m suddenly realizing my mistake please send help

Bunny’s super quick guide to 3+ hour classes (of which I took MANY)

  • Energy drinks/coffee seem like the obvious choice but you’ll just end up having to pee. When you leave to go to the bathroom, something really important will be said. Every time.
  • Protein Bars! Cliff Bars and Luna Bars are both really tasty and have the protein necessary to keep you conscious. Keep one in your bag and eat it slowly throughout class. It’s enough to keep you alert. Nuts will also work well.
  • A lot of teachers will give you a short break halfway through (for bathroom/smoking breaks whatever). If the teacher doesn’t do this automatically, ask them (after class) if it’s a possibility.
  • Have something to look forward to. Pick up your favorite candy bar afterwards or give yourself an hour off homework to play your favorite video game. 

Additional tips from Camille, who took back-to-back three-hour classes

  • Firstly, taking back-to-back three hour classes is NOT advisable
  • It may seem like a good idea to nap before your three hour class, but DO NOT DO THIS, you will just feel sleepy during your class.
  • Small sips of cold water every thirty minutes or so will jolt you into wakefulness should you feel sleepy.

Still yet additional tips:

TAKE the break if offered. Just fucking take it. I don’t care if you don’t have to pee. Seriously. Go fucking pee. Get out. Simply stand outside the classroom for those ten to fifteen minutes. It helps.

Even if you’re not taking actual notes (and I do not know why you are not), take notes. I’m assuming you’re upset because it’s a lecture heavy course, which is horrendous in a 3 hour format. Take notes that will amuse you later if you feel no need to take useful notations. I used to write things down to later draw/write about. Things like: “Fedora boy has bitten his cuticles down to the bone and is trying to pretend like his finger isn’t bleeding. He is sucking on it, and it looks like he is sending gratuitously suggestive signals to our aging hippie professor.”

Bring a phone charger.

Wear uncomfortable clothes if it’s a night class. Also, bring a sweater. If you’re too cold you will get sleepy.

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Also I have new ink to remind me to just fucking WRITE.




He looks like he failed at being Amish and decided to become some sort of neckbeard crusader instead.

Is he cosplaying as a MRA? Or is this for real? I’m scared.

In my infinite quest to be a productive person, I watched Something Borrowed this morning, and decided to tweet about it.

5 Lies: he called someone before the cops, he’s not freaked out (relieved?), no reservations, and..? “she’s beautiful?” Not their 5th anni?

I found a skin tag under my arm. It is under the same arm and in the same spot where my father has one. I found this physical proof of my never ending connection to him accidentally although I know it has appeared gradually. I wonder if he ever wanted to remove it as badly as I do. I want to remove this tiny flap of genetic code that indicates he and I have things in common that will show up within me over time, accidentally, without my knowing.

I like Nick Dunne so far which makes me wonder if that’s what I am supposed to do and he’s secretly insane. #GoneGirl